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English Teacher Placement - Apply Now

Teaching in China 

Application Procedures and our working procedures

Step one

Prepare your formal application packet and send it to us in China. The application packet must include the following required documentation:

  1. Cover Letter: Please include your reasons for wanting to live in China, such as the opportunity for a cross-cultural experience, or a desire to learn the Chinese language. Also indicate your preferences and the dates you are available to begin your teaching contract.

  2. Resume: Filling out an application form on our web site is recommended, but you can also send your cover letter and resume to our email address or mail it to us directly.

  3. Photocopy of your Degree/s: Please e-mail  to us

  4. Photocopy of your Passport: Please e-mail  to us

  5. Letters from references: Please e-mail  to us

Step Two

After reviewing your application packet, we will attempt to match your preferences with available teaching opportunities. During this time you may contact us via e-mail, phone or fax to discuss the positions available or to ask any questions that you may have.

Step Three

After you agree to accept an offer of a teaching position, you will need to sign a confirmation letter. After signing the confirmation letter, you will generally be asked to fax it back to us in China. Once we have received your signed confirmation letter, we will notify the employer to begin the process of preparing your supporting documents for your visa application, including a visa notification form from a Chinese government authorized institute or organization, and a confirmation letter issued directly by your employer's local foreign affairs office. Processing time usually takes 10 days. The employer will send you these documents via fax or mail.

Step Four

After you receive the necessary supporting documents for your visa application, you should bring them and your passport to apply for a work ( z ) visa at the Chinese consulate nearest to you.

America :


Australia :

New Zealand :

United Kingdom :

When your visa application has been processed and approved, you should start to book your air ticket to China according to your new employer's arrangements. Please be sure to notify us and your employer about your travel itinerary to China, including your arrival date, destination in China identifying the exact city airport (some cities have more than one international airport), and airline plus flight number. After receiving your travel itinerary, your employer in China should send you a confirmation as a reply. For ideas about your personal preparation for teaching and living in China, please go to our Suggestions.

Step Five
The procedure after you arrive in China

The procedure after you arrive in China

  1. The host school will designate someone to pick you up at the airport, and you will be taken back to your new apartment. 

  2. Sign a formal contract 

  3. Health certification 

  4. Apply for foreign expert status

  5. Apply for a resident permit 

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